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Since 1966


The following is a partial listing of projects Comfort Control, Inc. has completed testing, adjusting, balancing and/or commissioning of environmental systems:

Government Facilities

  • Ronald Reagan Building - Federal Triangle Project
  • Rhein Main Air Base, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Defense CEETA, Fort Belvoir, VA (various projects)
  • NNPTC Training Complex Naval Weapons Complex, SC
  • FBI Headquarters, Washington, DC
  • FBI Firing Range Acoustical Study, Quantico, VA
  • Kennedy Center, Washington, DC
  • IRS Energy Savings Project, Washington, DC
  • The National Archives Renovation, Washington, DC
  • The Pentagon, Arlington, VA (various projects)
  • NAWC Building 2185, Patuxent River, MD
  • Main Justice, Washington, DC
  • World War II Memorial
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

Hospitals & Research Institutes

  • Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
  • Children’s Hospital, Washington, DC
  • Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC
  • NIH, Bethesda, MD (various projects including TAB on four 5000 ton chillers in bldg. 11, Bethesda, MD
  • Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC (Various projects)
  • George Washington Hospital, Washington, D.C.

Clean Rooms

  • IBM - Building 130 Semiconductor Facility, Manassas, VA
  • Microelectronics R&D Facility, Columbia, MD
  • AMVAX, Beltsville, MD
  • NASA - Building 30, Greenbelt, MD

Commercial Facilities and Office Buildings

  • MCI Center
  • Redskin Stadium
  • Nationals Stadium
  • Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, DC
  • Lockheed Martin, Manassas, VA
  • ACC Data Centers (Various)

International Projects

  • NAS, Keflavik, Iceland
  • Interest Section Building, Havana, Cuba
  • US Embassy, LaPaz, Bolivia
  • US AID Building, Nairobi, Kenya
  • US Embassy, Bern Switzerland
  • US Embassy, Brussls, Belgium
  • Diplomatic Housing, Hong Kong, China
  • Camp Henderson, Okinawa, Japan

Building Systems Commissioning

  • Fort Meade Child Development Center
  • NRTC Headquarters
  • US Capital Police Facility
  • Washington Navy Yard Various Buildings
  • Children’s Hospital, Washington, DC



Main Office

6711 Distribution Drive  Beltsville, Maryland 20705

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